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Director's Greeting: Issue #26

August 10, 2012 Leave a comment dridrive


I’m a single mom, and, therefore, a single point of failure. But I’ve got a great back-up plan and reciprocal agreement with my neighbor, Ken, the single dad across the street. Our kids are around the same age and friends (though his are bigger and taller than mine so we get all the hand-me-downs!). But basically, it’s a toss-up, and we pick up each other’s slack and put each other on emergency contact forms. So, when Ken called on Tuesday to ask me to run his teenage daughter, Alexa, to the bank, I said “Sure!” He was at a funeral and she needed to pick up her very first debit card to take with her on an overnight trip.

Off to the bank we went, with high-speed, high-pitched, teenage OMG-I-got-my-first-job-and-bank-account chitter chatter all the way. Alexa hopped out and was back in a flash with an envelope containing the magical and mythical (to her) debit card. As I was backing out of the parking space, I wasn’t watching her, I was making sure I didn’t hit anyone in the busy parking lot. And that’s when I heard it, the unmistakable “click” of a cell phone camera. I jammed the car into park and practically yelled, “What are you doing?!” I’d already guessed that the picture was of her new prized possession. And, luckily, I reacted quickly enough to halt the Twitter/Facebook post that was just one more click away.

I explained what a BAD IDEA this was and why. We had a little Debit Card 101 course there in the parking lot and even downloaded an app to her phone so she could track her “finances” – as of Tuesday there was $45 in the account. And so, I thought I’d share that story with all of you in case you plan on arming your teenagers with debit cards and to remind you to be on the look-out for one of the most unpredictable threats known to man – man himself: human error. See below for a couple of articles on the subject.

Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications