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Director's Greeting: Issue #30

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment dridrive


Fine dining doesn’t top the list of my interests and hobbies.  I’m more likely to skip the swanky in search of the local and quirky – like the little Mexican place I just found in a strip mall that has the most killer burrito ever!  But when I do find myself in a place that’s slightly more “upscale,” I enjoy it, and I like to hear the specials.  So, I listened up a few nights ago when my dinner companion asked our waiter, “What’s the soup of the day?”


The reply — with no shortage of swagger, attitude, and insider hipness — was, “It’s nasty!”  And as he delivered the answer/punch line, the waiter’s facial expression matched; he looked like he’d just sucked on a lemon.  We all laughed at Mario’s reply and thanked him for his honesty.  And none of us ordered the soup of the day, which upon further questioning, Mario revealed had “lima beans and hunks of fish in it (cue more incredulous and yucky facial expressions, the guy had some eyebrows and excellent comedic timing).”


While I found Mario’s opinion and professional assessment of the soup du jour really funny, I couldn’t help but feel for the chef, who was probably wondering why no one was ordering his carefully crafted dish and no doubt was concerned that he’d be eating the cost of the ingredients.  I’m sure he had no idea that Mario the Soup Saboteur had struck!


So BCP chefs, perhaps it would pay to consider if there are Marios at work in your organization.  I’m betting you’ve got a lot more than a vat of soup at stake.  Here’s an article that talks about business sabotage – from the overt to the covert (such as online “assistants” paid to publicly bag on your business via Facebook and other social media outlets).  And here’s another that calls employee sabotage “the hidden scourge” of organizations.


And until next week, bon appetit!


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications