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C'Mon Get App-y! Cool New Red Cross App Really Rocks!

October 5, 2012 Leave a comment dridrive

You’ve got to check out the newest free app from the American Red Cross!  It’s so cool, but beyond being cool, it’s useful and packed with information and instruction.  These days, the Red Cross is getting big points in my book for being innovative and on point when it comes to social media (see last week’s Drive piece on Social Media Saves).  I don’t think I’d have guessed that just a couple of years ago, but then again, I probably would have laughed if you told me I’d reference the Partridge Family in a headline.

So, the app.  Here’s what the Red Cross has to say: “The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Available for iPhone and Android devices, the official American Red Cross First Aid app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid.”


I say, it’s really neat.  Simple step-by-step instructions guide you through everyday first aid scenarios. It’s fully-integrated with 911 so you can call EMS from the app at any time. Videos and animations make learning first aid fun and easy. Safety tips for everything, from severe winter weather to hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes help you prepare for emergencies. Preloaded content means you have instant access to all safety information at any time, even without reception or an Internet connection.


And best of all, interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges when you’ve learned a skill.  What a great – and free! – way to train your staff!