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Director's Greeting: Issue #35

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment dridrive


Chocolate! Never there was (or will there be) a substance more precious or delicious! And now there’s “proof” that it can make you smart too — a genius, in fact!


According to a New England Journal of Medicine report, there seems to be a correlation between the amount of chocolate consumed by a country and the number of Nobel laureates produced by that country. Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per capita and tops the laureate list. Franz Messerli, a cardiologist at New York’s St. Luke’s­-Roosevelt Hospital, wrote the article and did the math, which shows the theory holds true for 22 of 23 countries analyzed. The only outlier, according to Messerli, is Sweden – the home of the Nobel prizes. Its chocolate consumption predicts only 14 laureates, yet it has produced more than double that number. A bit of bias perhaps?


I say that if chocolate boosts brainpower, then business continuity teams should be fed a steady diet of the stuff. The smarter the BC professional, the better the plans, right? And since I write about what you do, I must need chocolate too!


Actually, given the amount of chocolate I’ve consumed in my lifetime, I should already be a genius. I’m not. But I’ve got a way with words, and that comes in handy. And chocoholic or not, I bet you’ve got some special talents too, and so do all of the people on your team. They may not be geniuses, but you should make it a point to find out what they do well.


For instance, take the guy who sent me the chocolate report. He’s got an actual superpower. He has magic ears, perfect pitch (actually, the technical term is “absolute pitch”). When the elevator dings, he can tell you what note that is. He can kick anyone’s butt at Simon…blindfolded. He can hear a song and then pick up a guitar or sit down at a piano and play it. That is killer cool. And he’s also a really good, careful listener even when music is not involved. And who doesn’t need a few of those on their team?


So, in addition to asking the usual questions like who can speak another language or who is CPR-certified, try digging a little deeper. Look for things like empathy and creativity. Do you have a born organizer among you? Who’s the class clown? The more you know about your people, the better you’ll be able to use their talents for your program’s greater good. And that’s important because if there’s anything a business continuity professional knows it’s that life really is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications