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Survival Kit? No, Survival KILT!

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive
Drive 1-11 KILT Pic
Bet you don’t have one of these!  But, who knows, you might start seeing them at industry events if they catch on.  Survival kilts, made by Utilikilt, is “the most advanced” kilt the company offers.  Billed as “the Cadillac” of utility kilts, the Survival model’s maximum capacity is “20 bottles of the survival beverage of your choice.” Claims Utilikilt, “With the Survival around your waist, you’ll never go thirsty.”According to the company’s website, “each cargo pocket on the Survival can be pulled off and used like a belt pack. Wading across a river and don’t want to get your stuff wet? Pull off the cargo pockets, stuff the rest of the Utilikilt inside and toss it across to shore. Pockets stuffed full as you get to the airport? Pull off the pockets, drop them on the x-ray conveyor belt, and stride on through the metal detector. Each cargo pocket is equipped with elastic-rimmed gussets, so it’ll expand to fit all your junk, and fold right back to flat after use. Wear the Survival for a while and you’ll be shocked at just how useful these removable pockets really are. The two rear pockets don’t come off, but they are elastic rimmed and can hold a heroic amount of stuff.”

I dare you to wear it!