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Philly Phocus: Governance Session, Group Discounts, Clyde's Corner, and More!

March 8, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive


On Wednesday, you should have received an email from DRI International.  It was our weekly DRI2013 conference update, called Philly Phocus.  If you didn’t receive it, please let us know!  If you did, we hope you enjoyed it!

This week’s Philly Phocus contained information about an exciting new session added to the DRI2013 lineup.  Microsoft’s Michele Turner will follow-up her highly-regarded DRI2012 presentation with “Organizational Governance: Developing the Governance Program Script (Part 2).” The session will discuss the framework needed for a governance program: starting the dialogue, socializing this script with the necessary parties, and mapping the components to better understand their interrelated themes. Updated industry references and enhanced templates will be provided to support program development.

If you’re missing Clyde’s Corner, that’s now found in Philly Phocus.  So, make sure you’re reading it to stay in touch with Clyde and in tune with Volunteer Day opportunities.  Also in this week’s issue: group discount information and tourism tips.