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Director's Greeting: Issue #63

April 26, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive



4-26 Drive CUPCAKE PicYesterday, I engaged in a plan test of sorts.  I went to my first industry event in almost two years!  It was the ACP Liberty Valley Chapter meeting, and I can’t thank that group enough for having me.  The meeting was awesome, full of timely information on crisis communications, as well as a 10th anniversary celebration for the chapter, that featured touching tributes from past presidents. They even had killer chocolate cupcakes, which I eyed enviously but managed to resist.
I was thrilled to be there with such a great group of people.  And for me, this foray out in public was a dry run, a warm-up, for our own conference, DRI2013 which is just around the corner (June 4-7 in Philadelphia).
Having not been out and about in a while, I made a list the night before — a plan — to ensure all went smoothly. Well, as people who plan, I’m sure you can appreciate that it didn’t.  But you’ve rubbed off on me enough that I have taken note of my “lessons learned.”  And while I won’t detail my troubles, I will say that I’ll look a lot less rumpled at DRI2013 (I have come up with an ironing workaround!).To those of you who were at the meeting, thanks again for the warm welcome back. And to those of you in the area (PA, NJ), if you’ve ever got a BCP event going on, let me know.  I’d love to meet you!  And speaking of BCP events in the Philadelphia area, ours is not to be missed.  I’m so looking forward to seeing many more of you at DRI2013.

Buffy Rojas

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