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Three Upcoming Events in Latin America, First Stop Mexico!

May 10, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive
DRI International has a busy summer ahead, sponsoring three events in Latin5-10 Drive MEXICO Pic America-specifically in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.
The first event is Foro Risk Mexico, to be held on Thursday, May 16, 2013 in Monterrey, NL Mexico.  It’s an annual event of leading risk and security administration headquartered in Monterrey. Designed to demonstrate the latest innovation in risk management, it is also a valuable networking opportunity for risk and security professionals.  Informative sessions throughout the day allow for a timely analysis and discussion among colleagues and experienced industry leaders. Held exclusively in Spanish, this special event is open to risk and security professionals as well as risk administration executives.
Join director of DRI Mexico and editor-in-chief of Thrive! IberoamericaIng. Jorge Escalera for his informative discussion: Administración de Riesgos, Continuidad de Operaciones y Protección Civil, Mega tendencias y cómo se integran de manera óptima. Just in case you didn’t catch that title, here’s a description of Jorge’s session:
As risks occur with greater frequency and magnitude affecting climate change throughout the world, leaders of public and private sectors are implementing plans and methods to increase resiliency of their organizations and adequately deal with unimaginable disasters taken from internal risks, from their environment and from their chain. The new public federal administration in Mexico has as one of its guiding directives that Mexico becomes a player on an international level and in turn, the country currently has enacted a new civil protection law-one of the most advanced in the entire world.  Learn how these mega-trends were integrated and work towards an integrated risk management for organizations.
Next, we’ll be moving on to Alcont Week in Bogota, Colombia, June 11-14, and then to DRI Day 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil on July 2. More about those events in the coming weeks.  Stayed tuned!