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Director's Greeting: DRIVE Issue #67

May 24, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive


David Bowie - Changes (Olympia)
David Bowie – Changes (Olympia)

CDO.  Nope, it’s not a typo for COD. It’s a new job title (at least, it’s new to me).  It stands for Chief Disruption Officer, and no, I’m not kidding.  I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday when I ran across the term in an article with this eye-catching headline: “What Business Needs Is More Disruption…” A little reading and subsequent web searching revealed that Chief Disruption Officer is not a person in charge of running amok.  So, rest easy, you don’t have a new arch enemy.  You may, in fact, have an ally.

I guess the enemy or ally determination will depend on how you react to change – even the suggestion of change. That’s because the job of a CDO is to propose and create changes, sometimes pretty radical ones.  According to Business Computing World, “a growing number of companies are promoting individuals to the role specifically to challenge the existing status quo, to identify traditional business models that have become ineffective within the business, and to promote innovation.”

Does that make you squirm or smile?  A bit of both?  A professional upsetter of apple carts may sound like a headache (and a safety hazard!) to you.  But just imagine if that person became a champion of business continuity and preparedness!  And think about how you might help this change agent.  Continuity professionals are the recorders (and protectors) of business processes in your organization. That means you know how stuff works, and you’re also likely to know what isn’t working.

So, if your organization is hopping on the CDO bandwagon, maybe it’s actually a good thing.  And even if it’s not, getting good with change will serve you well.  For me, resistance to change can almost always be traced back to a bit of insecurity.  I think that’s true for many of us.  I also think that vast majority of the time, we’re insecure for no good reason.  You’re good at your job.  You know what you’re doing (and if you need help, DRI is here for that!).  So, stand tall (even I can do that at 5’2″).  Keep an open mind.  Rise to challenges. Be flexible. And be confident.  I don’t know if you’re getting a CDO, but I can tell you that change is coming…that’s one thing that never changes.

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