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Possibility Thinking in Global Business Continuity: ""They Stopped Saying 'No'" Ann Hepenstal, Intel

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive

Speaker: Ann Hepenstal, Intel

Intel’s Software and Services business requires both site emergency management and disaster recovery, and business restoration of global functions. Yet the operational contacts responsible for business continuity (BC) had little to no training and many other responsibilities, and most resisted the BC requests and struggled with the work.

Through possibility thinking, we engaged the operational contacts to share the BC vision. We defined basic BC responsibilities and successfully engaged them to improve our BC readiness. They stopped saying “no” to the requests; stopped feeling overwhelmed at the needed work; and started to say “yes, I can” to closing the gaps. Attend this session to learn how to motivate a dispersed and disparate group to share the BC vision and how to facilitate BC work by deploying tools and BKMs to lower the burden.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Possibility Thinking in Global Business Continuity: “”They Stopped Saying ‘No'” Ann Hepenstal, Intel

About the Speaker: Ann Hepenstal is a risk and controls manager at Intel Corporation. She has held a variety of roles during her 19 years with the company, ranging from finance, marketing and project management to risk and controls functions. Ann led the business continuity program for the procurement organization in Intel’s supply chain, and most recently, for Intel’s Software and Services Group. She holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a M.S. in Management Science from Stanford University.  Ann has earned the Certified Business Continuity Professional designation from DRI.