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Wide-Area Disaster Planning Case Study: A Global Financial Institution In Japan

June 6, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive

Speaker: Jim Pelczar, International Management & Media (YK)

This case study describes assumptions and scenarios used by a major financial institution to develop a plan and costs options to fulfill its obligations under the conditions of a wide-are disaster impacting Tokyo. The scenario is a high-magnitude earthquake in Tokyo bay, including tsunami. Key issues: the impact of wide-spread liquefaction on the central business district land-fill areas, as well as disruptions in various services that were identified as a result of the Great North Easter Earthquake of March 11, 2011. In Tokyo, the question is not “if” the event will happen, the question is “when” the event will happen.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Wide-Area Disaster Planning Case Study: A Global Financial Institution In Japan

About the Speaker: Jim Pelczar is Managing Director of International Management and Media (YK) providing Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions to major financial institutions and other companies with mission critical requirements to clients in Japan, the US, and South East Asia. The focus is on business resilience achieved through systematic management methods.