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A Fellow Drive Reader Writes In: A Few Words from Five Guys' Randy Jouben

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment dridrive

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It is graduation season.  And after years of hard work and worrying about our children, we get to be proud parents as we send them off to college. And we get to worry about a whole different set of issues…including how we’re going to afford it!In order to celebrate my daughters pending high school graduation, we had a party last weekend which was filled with a lot of food, friends, and (of the most interest to my daughter) presents.  Although the majority of the gifts were what graduates want most of all (cash!), one caught my eye, and I was excited at the thoughtfulness of this particular item.  The gift was a nice tote filled with almost all of the necessary items a student would need in case of any emergency —  a real emergency,  not the type brought on by after-study social activities!  The kit includes a flash light, tool kits, and other items that would be needed should a hurricane or other event cause a disruption at her school.

What made me even happier was the fact that she went nuts for the gift and later went on to say how it was one of her favorites, not only for the time it took for this person get everything together but also for the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Although some may only see a bag, I see the gift of security and preparedness as my daughter heads off to her next adventure.  I also realize that a little of what we do each day regarding being prepared for when crisis strikes has rubbed off on her. And as a parent, I know that one of the greatest gifts we have given our child is knowledge of how to respond should things go wrong.  So, I will be sending her off to school with one less thing to worry about.

Congratulations to all of our high school graduates, and as we send them off in late summer, let’s make sure they are prepared for whatever campus life has in store for them.Many thanks to Randy Jouben, who heads up risk and BCP for Five Guys (in my opinion, the BEST EVER burgers and fries, by the way!).  I love hearing from Drive readers and it’s even better when you’ve got something to share.  Now let’s put our BCP thinking caps on and get working on a graduation threat — throwing hats with pointy corners up in the air!  You could put an eye out with that!