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Infographic: What’s the Cost for 60 Years of Godzilla Attacks?

June 6, 2014 Leave a comment dridrive
Tokyo, San Francisco, and even Las Vegas have felt the sting of giant monster attacks in the past 60 years of cinematic destruction, culminating in last month’s (pretty fantastic, actually!) GODZILLA.

But what’s the grant total for all that tail-swinging and atomic fire? The good people at Freedom Financial managed to tally it all up in handy infographic form:

Factoring in estimated costs for such major landmarks as the Atami Castle in Japan, the Chrysler Building, and the Golden Gate Bridge, the King of All Monsters owes the world about $3.3 billion in damages!

Yikes. Hey Godzilla, how do you feel about paying all that back?
Godzilla Roar
That’s a perfectly understandable response.


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