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DRI International: Social Media Dynamo

August 15, 2014 Leave a comment dridrive

SOCIAL MEDIADo you open each issue of DRIVE and think, “I wish I didn’t have to wait two more weeks for the next one!”

Well then you’re in luck. Every Monday through Thursday, DRI takes to social media to offer daily news, links, course reminders, the occasional Weird Al Yankovic video, and much, much more!

You can find us on:

Twitter –

LinkedIn MBCP

DRI Foundation LinkedIn

DRI Australia & New Zealand LinkedIn Page

DRI China LinkedIn

DRI Istanbul LinkedIn

DRI Malaysia LinkedIn Page

DRI Nigeria

And follow our blogs:

A few posts that you may have missed if you don’t already follow us:

And of course, to celebrate our landmark 1,000th Tweet, we got everyone on Twitter a cake:

See? Follow us on social media, and you might just get cake out of the deal!