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Case (of rum) Study: How Bacardi Handled Hurricane Gonzalo

November 7, 2014 Leave a comment dridrive

Mojito0001xEarlier this month, Hurricane Gonzalo bore down on the Caribbean, with 110-mph winds taking down trees and leaving 10,000 in Bermuda without power.

Bermuda is also the home of Bacardi Rum, which prepared for the worst and came out the other side standing strong.

As Ronald Stan, Bacardi’s IT Security Services Manager, told CSO Online, they had two main concerns: the safety of the employees, and making sure the office was safe to enter after the storm had passed and business processes could resume operations. Fortunately, they’d made plans after the last storm.

“We implemented a communications cascade to contact all our staff to learn of any damage and/or injuries to business and/or personal property,” Stan said.

As for resuming operations, Stan pointed to the company’s move to the cloud. “Having our main application platforms cloud-based has largely eliminated the need to have traditional ‘disaster backup’ facilities in Bermuda, or at any of our facilities and offices,” he said. “Bacardi [also] utilizes buried dark fiber from our building to our off-island communications provider, enabling storm proof communications links required to keep our key applications available to our users.”

For more on Bacardi’s resiliency strategies, read the complete interview. Then check out our two DRI2015 sessions focused on the cloud on the conference program page!