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Conference Tips: Must-Have Travel Gadgets!

January 9, 2015 Leave a comment dridrive

Businessman Relaxing On Train Listening To MusicTechnology has changed how we travel — and what takes top priority when packing (as anyone who’s gone through the terror of forgetting their phone charger can attest). Here are a few gadgets you might want to think about buying before you head to the airport:

Noise-Cancelling Headphones — Invest in a pair of these, instead of destroying your hearing by cranking the volume to hear over the roar of the plane.

Portable Notebook Lock — Have to catch up on work at the airport, but don’t want your laptop snatched up the moment you turn away? Protect your gear and deter would-be thieves with a durable lock.

Universal Power Adapter — An all-in-one wall plug-in is a great alternative to cramming multiple chargers into your luggage (and running the risk of forgetting to pack them all in again).

Global Translator — DRI2015 welcomes attendees from around the world. Translator devices, such as this one offered by Franklin can help break down any resulting language barriers.

Clear Card — Do you dream of gliding through airport security while everyone else is stuck in endless lines? This enrollment service stores all your pertinent data and puts you at the head of the queue. Only a few airports are equipped with scanners so far — but one of them is San Antonio International, if you want to test it out!