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FEATURED DRI2015 SESSIONS: Spotlight on Supply Chain and Fast Recovery!

January 9, 2015 Leave a comment dridrive

How to Assess Vendor Resiliency: An Advanced Supply Chain Session

Photo RaheOutsourcing shifts the burden to mitigate risk to the vendor – but it doesn’t shift the impact of the risk. Your company’s reputation and its customers can be just as negatively impacted when your vendor experiences failure as when the company itself does. As such, it is critical to proactively analyze the operational resiliency of your key vendors and suppliers.

This presentation provides guidance on how to formulate a vendor resiliency strategy. And, will equip attendees with practical solutions for efficiently and effectively, assessing the risk exposures introduced by outsourcing business functions.

Leading the session is Melinda Rahe, Business Continuity Program Manager of Dell, Inc., guiding 200 locations, 120,000 employees and numerous product lines, industries, and acquisitions on how to achieve operational resilience. She’s also a DRI Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor.


The Need for Speed: A Case Study in Speedy Recovery!

williams-banta-paulineAttend this session to learn first-hand how the BC/DR Team at The Energy Authority (TEA) turned to technology – using scripting, automation, process improvement, and teamwork to drastically reduce the recovery process time. You’ll also learn how the team continues to look at each process – questioning how and why – in order to continually improve the time to recovery.

You’ll hear how TEA completed full functional exercises every 6-8 weeks to validate and refine the use of technology in the recovery process. Learn about TEA’s “three-legged stool approach” to speed – flexibility, control, and technology. And discover how TEA leveraged technology in order to reduce time to recovery.

As TEA’s Manager of Business Continuity, Pauline Williams-Banta, MBCP will present the case study. She uses a risk management approach to design and implement technology driven recovery strategies for the organization. She engages with engineers, database and system administrators to develop strategic and day-to-day business continuity related services which highly leverage technology.

For more on this and other exciting sessions, check out our conference program!