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Top 5 Global Risks From the World Economic Forum

January 30, 2015 Leave a comment dridrive

GlobeEach year, the World Economic Forum publishes its list of the top risks likely to causes the biggest threat to global stability in the coming years. What’s topping the list for 2015?

The answer depends on what you’re more worried about: the likelihood of the event, or the expected impact. For likelihood, the top five global risks are:

  1. Interstate conflict with regional consequences (geopolitical risk)
  2. Extreme weather events (environmental risk)
  3. Failure of national governance (geopolitical risk)
  4. State collapse or crisis (geopolitical risk)
  5. High structural unemployment or underemployment (economic risk)

The top five global risks in terms of impact:

  1. Water crises (societal risk)
  2. Rapid and massive spread of infectious diseases (societal risk)
  3. Weapons of mass destruction (geopolitical risk)
  4. Interstate conflict with regional consequences (geopolitical risk)
  5. Failure of climate-change adaptation (environmental risk)

For a more in-depth look at each of these risks — and how likely they are to affect your region — download the complete report here.