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DRI Staffers Drill for Active Shooter Scenario

June 4, 2015 Leave a comment dridrive

DRI Active Shooter Event 1On June 4, DRI’s Dearborn staff took part in an active shooter training drill within its office building, learning their roles and responsibilities if faced with a dangerous and frightening scenario.

Adopting the Department of Homeland Security’s process of “Run, Hide, and Fight,” this training session tested the “Hide” portion of the drill, to ensure building residents can identify and easily access shelter locations.

The drill began with the announcement of an emergency active shooter, at which point trainees went into lockdown, moving to a safe location in their rooms, locking doors, and turning out the lights, as sweepers patrolled the building to make sure no one could be seen or heard.

DRI Active Shooter Event 2“For five minutes, everything was really silent,” said Traci O’Neal, DRI Senior Director of Operations. “Everyone in the DRI office passed the drill and did a great job. I highly recommend this drill, everyone should be aware and have a full understanding of what they should do in a situation like this to keep themselves safe.”

The drill also focused on the roles of designated leaders in the building, such as floor captains, stairwell monitors elevator/escalator captains, and “buddies” to assist employees with disabilities.

To learn more about how to respond to an active shooter scenario, watch this video: