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Speakers and Sessions Announced for DRI's One-Day Conference at the University of St. Thomas

April 8, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

St Thomas 4DRI’s next one-day conference is coming to Houston, TX on April 23! The Cameron School of Business at the University of St. Thomas is hosting, and some unique and fascinating speakers and sessions have been lined up, covering extreme weather, healthcare, cybersecurity, and more.

Scheduled speakers and sessions include:

Al Berman – President, DRI International
Current Issues and Careers in BCP

Al Berman will cover the realities and trends in supply chain, including strategies currently being implemented by Japanese manufacturers, as well as other issues facing risk managers and business continuity management. In addition, he will discuss issues surrounding supply and the rash of recent cyber security events. Finally, he will talk about the field of business continuity from a career perspective.

Brian Coates – Senior Manager, Enaxis Consulting
Addressing Vulnerabilities by Integrating Your Incident Response Plans

 Oil and gas companies face unique environmental and human risks that require immediate response and reporting. Due to these risks and requirements, organizations have developed mature emergency response and/or incident response procedures. However, non-production risks tend to be treated as isolated events that have limited impact to the organization as a whole. In this presentation, we will talk about the need for an integrated approach to coordinate notification, escalation and response activities among all parties, including Information Technology, third party vendors, financial services, etc., to accelerate incident response, enforce playbook-driven standard operating procedures, and streamline investigative workflows.

Cameron Self – Tropical Meteorologist, StormGeo
Continuity in the Face of Hurricanes: What Every Business Needs To Know

Hurricanes and tropical storms can pose a serious threat to the well-being of any business located in an area vulnerable to these storms. It is imperative that vulnerable businesses make preparations before a hurricane strikes in order to mitigate any storm induced interruptions to operations. In this presentation, we will talk about the type of conditions and impacts a business owner can expect from a tropical cyclone that is bearing down on their community. There will be a discussion regarding the role of weather service aid to businesses and why businesses should care about the forecast. We will also take a first look at what the upcoming hurricane season may hold.

Mike Mastrangelo – Program Director for Institutional Preparedness, University of Texas Branch at Galveston
Quantifying Risk for Preparedness and Continuity: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Given the high level of risk at the UTMB Campus, we work to eliminate the subjectivity of the risk assessment process as much as possible and to quantify that risk where possible. The risk assessment process is the foundation of UTMB’s Preparedness Program and it affords officials the the best information to optimize preparedness and respond to incidents.  An overview of the Preparedness Program will be provided – looking at specific examples of risk quantification including hurricanes and chemical incidents (Hydrofluoric Acid incidents in particular).

Vern Williams, CBCP – Lead Instructor, Security Practitioner Course, Austin Community College
Cybersecurity: Issues and Answers
During a disaster, the security requirements for our people and data have not changed. How do we ensure a rapid recovery and adequate security during a disruption to normal processes? As technology changes both business continuity and cyber security have to adapt these advances. It is essential as we adopt new technology to consider the impact on both of these key functions or we will end up with a “Resume generating event” as in the case of Target and numerous other companies and organizations.  We will consider some of these technology changes and the affect both pro and con on cyber security and recovery capability. 

Attendees will enjoy a networking breakfast, luncheon, and end-of-day round­table discussion with the speakers. The cost of attendance, including meals and materials, is a $50 donation to the DRI Foundation. DRI Certified Professionals will earn CEAPs for attending the event.

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