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Hacking Alert: Cars, Medical Devices…and Cows?

June 29, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

Cyber security manThere’s bad news coming out of the cybersecurity world that affects everything from auto manufacturers, to healthcare facilities, to farming. Learn more about the DRI courses that can help you prepare your organization.

Remember those two hackers who took command of a Jeep Cherokee as part of a demonstration for Wired? That apparently wasn’t enough of a wake-up call for the auto industry. More recently, a security researcher connected wirelessly to a Mitsubishi Outlander, giving him access to its alarm system and other functions.

The problem, as TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy explained to Tech Insider, is that while new technology is being added to vehicles all the time, overall the car is still using underlying tech from the 1980s that was never designed with security in mind.

In fact, it may be getting worse – cars equipped with WiFi, cellular connections, and smartphone apps open them up to attack even further. And while car companies at least recognize the threat, they don’t have the institutional knowledge needed to test security.

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Healthcare facilities are facing their own cyber threats – even beyond recent ransomware attacks. The FDA has also warned healthcare facilities to stop using a pump that regulates IV drips, because its wireless communications feed makes it hackable with nothing more than WiFi. Its recommendations to hospitals: upgrade to the latest model, which comes with better security – and strengthen cybersecurity capabilities.

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And just to show how every industry needs to stay ahead on cybersecurity, hacker Chris Roberts told attendees at a recent security conference in Israel that farming machines that milk, weigh, and administer drugs to cows are now hackable, thanks to interconnected embedded devices that can be managed through the popular remote access tool pcAnywhere. That’s not the only concern for farms: similar research showed seed-sowing machines could also be hacked.