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Help Train the Next Generation of Resilience Professionals at Your Alma Mater!

June 29, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

Businessman who has the earth, bookshelf backgroundAre you proud of your alma mater? Of course you are. Now you have a great opportunity to make it even better, by helping it develop a business continuity course designed for the next generation of resilience professionals.

Business continuity is a growth profession, with opportunities for the coming generation. In a world of increasing hostility, pandemic threats, and natural disasters, it is evident that the future workers, managers, and leaders of the world must be educated in the business of preparedness.

Here’s how you can help: let your school know about the undergraduate-focused BCLE 1500 course, Introduction to Business Continuity Planning. Click here to download a sample letter you can send to the school.

DRI partners with institutes of higher education to offer a 45-hour course over 15 weeks that will provide students with a certificate of completion and the necessary knowledge to become certified by DRI International. It includes all of the courseware and material for the faculty to use in the classroom. Course topics include business continuity methodology; developing plan goals and objectives; data gathering; incorporating human resources; integrating alternative strategies for catastrophic event response and recovery; developing training/testing programs; creating plan products; and maintaining business continuity relevancy.

Please consider joining us for this exciting new program. You can enlighten your school on the benefits of business continuity education, and help develop future generations of professionals!

For more information or to provide a contact at the school, you may contact Meredith Rogan, DRI Certification Manager, at 248-630-7367, or by email at