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Could NYC Handle the Ultimate Cyberattack?

October 21, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

Lower Manhattan following Power OutageHacked cars driving on their own, fake traffic tickets stealing millions, hospitals crippled by malware, and much more – how many attacks could a major city like New York handle before becoming totally overwhelmed? Read this startling what-if to find out!

New York Magazine put together a doomsday scenario of how the city would be impacted by a massive cyberattack of everything from banking services to healthcare to water systems to SUVs, based on 47 recent real-life incidents (including the automobile and ransomware hacks we mentioned a while ago).

While the worst-case scenario depicted is a work of frightening fiction, the essay makes a point of citing every actual incident it draws from, including:

  • Hackers accessing ignition on Audis, BMWs, and other automobiles
  • Homeland Security’s estimate that a major cyberattack could cost $50 and cause 2,500 fatalities
  • The L.A. hospital that paid $17,000 after Russian hackers blocked its systems with ransomware
  • Water treatment releasing chlorine into the water supply at random intervals, and
  • Hackers stealing the credentials of employees in the Bangladeshi Central Bank using malware that tracked keystrokes as the employees entered passwords – they were then able to transfer $81 million into private accounts.

It may be a dramatic scenario, but it’s also a creative means of pointing out just how many different vulnerabilities your organization has to consider in order to protect itself against them.

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