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Risk Awareness on the Rise in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

November 4, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

Risk BalanceAround the world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are becoming more aware of the risks facing their businesses, according to a new survey. What are they most concerned about?

Zurich Insurance Group’s third annual SME survey polled 2,600 C-suite executives across 13 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. Across the board, risk awareness is on the rise, with over 90% of SMEs reporting awareness of threats (only 7% say they don’t see any upcoming risks to their business).

Other findings:

  • Cybercrime concerns have nearly tripled since the survey began – up 11% from 4% in 2013; those concerns jumped highest among SMEs in the United States and Europe
  • At 14%, reputational damage was also among the fastest-growing perceived risks, and
  • On the decline: Supply chain-related worries over the importance of “riots and malicious damage” and “failure of partners and suppliers.”

Whether you’re big or small, every organization needs to be aware of the risks it faces and how to properly protect against them. That’s why DRI developed its Risk Management course and certification. Developed and taught by experienced instructors, this course combines theory with real-world practices to give you in-depth instruction and tools you can put to use in creating a robust Risk Management program. The course is designed to give students the tools they need to pass the Risk Management Examination and continue on the path toward becoming a DRI Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) or Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP).

Click here for more information, or call 866-542-3744.

mary-gardnerZurich VP of Business Resilience, Mary Gardner, will be presenting at DRI2017 on Feb. 28. Her session will provide an overview of the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) Risk Report. 2017 marks the twelfth year that the WEF surveys over 800 global leaders to determine their top ten risks. In recent years, societal, geopolitical and environmental threats have come to supplant economic risks as issues of greatest global concern. As our world continues to be more interconnected, a holistic risk management approach needs to consider the interdependencies between risks. The 2016 WEF Risk Report called for actions to build resilience. This session will identify practical examples of how this could be done.