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Employee Devices: Prime Cybercrime Entry Point?

December 2, 2016 Leave a comment dridrive

hacked message and skull of death on smartphone screenMore than half of employees are walking around with a potential security breach in their pockets – or on their wrists. How can organizations mitigate these threats?

According to research conducted with more than 4,500 responses across 20 geographic markets, 47% of employees use their own smartphone to access corporate data, along with 25% who use their own tablet and 8% using wearables like the Apple Watch. In fact, 41% said they use three or mobile devices for work daily.

But less than 30% of employees who use their own devices have any kind of security software installed. That makes these devices a prime exposure point for cybercriminals looking to attack business systems.

The report points to organizations’ need to treat employee personal devices as a security concern outside of the traditional perimeter, rather than simply an extension of current strategies.

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