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DRI Honor Roll Award Winner Named

March 9, 2017 Leave a comment dridrive

Bobby Williams is the winner of this year’s DRI International Honor Roll Award! Williams, MBCP, is the Director of IT Resiliency Planning for Fidelity Investments…he’s also one of the most genuine and generous people on the planet. If DRI had Really Nice Guy Award, Williams would certainly win that too.

As it stands, he took home the Honor Roll Award during the 2017 DRI Awards Gala held during the DRI2017 conference last week in Las Vegas. While Williams was surprised by the win, anyone who knows him could tell you it was a sure thing and well-deserved.

“Above all Bobby is a good and generous human being.  He makes a very generous annual contribution to the DRI Foundation and is always willing to help where he is needed,” said DRI President Al Berman. “I can think of no person who personifies the ideals of DRI International better and who deserves a place on the DRI International Honor Roll more.”

The Honor Roll Award was conceived in 2007 and is awarded annually to the person who has demonstrated exceptional service to DRI and the industry as a whole; has contributed to the growth of DRI and DRI’s reputation; and is a prominent member of the BCP/DR/ERM community. The award is voted on by the DRI Board of Directors. It has been awarded to four volunteers, two international representatives, a DRI founder, one staff member, one board member – and now Williams.

“I am truly humbled by the honor that this award represents. The training that I have received from DRI courses and the insight that I have learned from the conferences have helped me professionally and personally,” Williams said. “I am so proud of the work that we are doing with our military veterans and have been blessed by the opportunity to help serve them. As a continuity professional, the champions that precede me in receiving this award are my mentors and icons. To say ‘I’m not worthy,’ is an understatement. I am grateful for this honor and want to thank DRI for their trust in me. I will continue to advance our profession in whatever capacity that I can.”

Williams has spent his professional life helping organizations become more resilient. He has been a consultant, where he worked to create more efficient backups for the TVA’s nuclear facility and Lexmark, in Healthcare sector for Emdeon and in his current position at Fidelity Investments. In all of these positions Williams has demonstrated a dedicated, committed, and professional image that distinguishes him from his peers.

DRI2017 Bobby Williams Honor Roll 2He’s also been a valuable contributor to DRI. Williams was the driving force and the Chair of DRI’s International Glossary for Resiliency Committee. His efforts helped to produce the first international document that provided definitions that will be translated into 14 languages and has helped bridge the language gap among professionals around the world. The enormity of this effort needed the strong guidance and commitment that Williams brought to the task. Reviewing standards and regulations from the US, Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and about a dozen other countries, the effort took over a year to complete and Williams managed the project as well as the dozens of people involved. He then created a workshop which has become one of the most attended sessions at our annual conference.

Additionally, Williams is a prominent member of the BCP/DR/ERM community. In addition to his demanding workload, he has made time to serve of the on the NFPA1600 Technical Committee as a Principal, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Technical Committee, as President of the Association of Contingency Planners, Middle Tennessee Chapter, and as a member of the Criteria Committee of the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). He is a much sought after speaker and an accomplished writer.

And all this leaves no doubt as to why Bobby Williams is the winner of this year’s Honor Roll award, as well as our undying admiration, respect, and gratitude.


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