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55,447 Patients’ Info Targeted in Pediatric Practice Ransomware Attack

April 7, 2017 Leave a comment dridrive

Ransomware eye with matrix looks at viewer conceptEven healthcare facilities that have prepared for a cyber attack can find themselves in a fight, as ABCD Pediatrics in the San Antonio, TX, area learned the hard way.

The four-site practice had software in place that included network filtering and security monitoring, intrusion detection, and protections for firewalls, antivirus apps, and passwords. All these protections were tested when an employee discovered a virus encrypting servers.

The virus – called “Dharma Ransomware” –was successfully fought off, and affected data was restored through secure backup files. But during a system analysis, suspicious user accounts were discovered, suggesting hackers may have accessed parts of the practice’s network of 55,447 patients.

ABCD’s response: let all patients know that no protected information was lost and no ransom demands were made, but the practice would offer Equifax protective services and recommend patients place a fraud alert on their credit files.