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Western U.S. Heatwave Taxing Transportation and Power Grids

June 23, 2017 Leave a comment dridrive

Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperaturesRecent heatwaves in the western U.S. could put a real strain on your organization’s power, employees, and supply chain.

Recent extreme heat in the west – including 117 degrees in Las Vegas, NV, 119 in Phoenix, AZ, and 127 in Death Valley, CA – is breaking records. In addition to the general discomfort, it’s also impacting travel and power. For instance: American Airlines canceled 43 flights out of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport because of the heat – because hotter air is thinner, planes need more speed to take off, which means more runway, which means smaller regional airlines without the required runway space are unequipped.

Roads are also being affected. Four lanes of highway 50 in Sacramento, CA, began to buckle, with giant cracks forming on the road and traffic as roads must be repaired.

Finally, power grids are under stress as well, because the increase in air conditioner usage uses a lot of electricity, resulting in outages like those recently seen in California’s Bay Area.

In other words: if your organization relies on air and ground transportation, reliable power, or the western United States, you’d better develop plans to mitigate the issues caused by this heat wave – because summer is just getting started.

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