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#FuerzaMéxico Following the September 7 Earthquake

September 18, 2017 Leave a comment DRI Admin

At 11:49 p.m. (Mexico City time) on Thursday, September 7, an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude was registered in Mexico. The epicenter of the quake was located at the southern part of the country (111 kilometers from Chiapas).

In Mexico City, there was no significant damage, despite the fact that the level surpassed the devastating earthquake of 1985. Unfortunately, in other regions of the country, such as Chiapas and Oaxaca, things were much worse, including reports of 95 deaths.

Following the earthquake, the recommendation in Mexico City was that the work centers review the emergency protocols already in place and be prepared for some possible aftershocks in the days ahead. It was also recommended that facilities be checked (if security conditions permitted) to identify if there is a fracture or crack and report back to brigades and government institutions.

As for the emergency response at the federal level, the Civil Protection Council was activated, as well as the Civil Protection protocols, including the National Emergency Committee, and the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), which coordinated a high-level meeting to review the damage to infrastructure, buildings and homes in the country.

On the other hand, we have already seen the hashtag #FuerzaMexico with which the world is showing its solidarity, to have the Mexican people in their thoughts and prayers.

Specifically in Mexico City, due to the earthquake of 1985, there is a lot of awareness on the matter, including investments such as seismic alarms, and constant simulations with both individuals and emergency response agencies. In fact, the building codes were modified. We consider that this is something salvageable and recognizable, especially since the country is in an active zone.

In the name of Mexico, DRI Mexico and RISK Mexico, we are thankful that our friends around the globe keep us in mind and prayers when hearing this news; we sincerely appreciate it.

Faced with possible repeat of the event, we allowed ourselves to share a brief protocol of actions to be taken in case of an earthquake.


  • Identify if your facilities (home, office, plants, meeting centers, etc.) are in a seismic zone. For this, consider the probability and intensity of previous earthquakes, evaluate the stability of the soil and the possibility of events occurring as a result of the earthquake such as tsunamis, landslides, floods, among others.
  • Prepare an emergency response plan and business continuity plan for your organization, as well as a family protection plan.
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit with flashlights and basic supplies.
  • Organize and participate in the drills.
  • Identify security zones, emergency exits, meeting points, etc.


  • Keep calm, and transmit calm with your collaborators, friends and family.
  • Stay away from windows and objects that may fall, including power poles, or tall building ads.
  • Be safe in a safety zone.
  • Consider cutting off gas and electricity supply.


  • If security conditions permit, check your home, your facility, your plant or your work center.
  • Do not light matches, candles, cigars, or hot work to make sure there are NO gas leaks.
  • Inspect gas, water or electric power systems. If necessary, suspend or close the supplies of these services.
  • Keep calm and use the phone ONLY for emergencies.
  • Stay informed through authorized and trusted media.
  • Stay alert, as you may be able to feel aftershocks in the next few hours and / or days.
  • If necessary, start rescue operations with the utmost care considering that fires following an earthquake can occur.


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