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That Biggest-Ever Yahoo Hack Was Even Bigger Than You Heard

October 6, 2017 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Remember the 2013 Yahoo hack, where the company claimed a billion user accounts had been breached? A new disclosure shows they were way off – it was actually all three billion accounts. This is certainly bad news for Yahoo and its users, but it’s potentially even worse for Verizon, the company’s new parent.

Yahoo is currently claiming that the steps needed to protect its users were taken when the hack was first discovered, invalidating old security questions and forcing password changes. It also says no credit card or bank account data was stolen.

But this new intelligence was only discovered recently, after Verizon bought Yahoo in a larger collection and ran a new investigation with its own security team. This means not only did Yahoo set the record for largest security breach – it then beat that record.

Yahoo already faced 41 consumer class action lawsuits when plans were made to be purchased by Verizon along with AOL and Huffington Post under an umbrella to be branded as “Oath,” and questions remain how it will handle the litigation on behalf of account users who say their personal information was compromised.

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