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Hurricane-Force Gusts Damage Ireland as Ophelia Makes Landfall in UK

October 19, 2017 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Storm Ophelia, a post-tropical cyclone that started as a hurricane in the Atlantic, blasted Ireland and other parts of the United Kingdom with winds as high as 97mph – possibly the worst storm to hit the British Isles in 50 years.

Around 120,000 homes and buildings were left without power as the country went into lockdown mode, as roofs were torn off buildings, sea waters roared over coastal walls, and trees fell, resulting in three deaths from related injuries. As the storm has subsided in the UK, the work of clearing massive amounts of debris has begun.

One of the most striking images to emerge from the storm: the reddish sky and red-looking sun, caused by the storm dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara, as well as forest fire debris from Portugal and Spain. This scattered shorter wavelength blue light to be scattered, resulting in the red hue.