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Hurricane Harvey Report: $74 million in Flood Infrastructure Damages

November 2, 2017 Leave a comment DRI Admin

As the costs of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey are being tallied, it looks like some of the worst damage areas could put Harris County, TX, in jeopardy for future flooding.

The Harris County Flood Control District says Harvey cost more than $74 million in damages to the county’s flood control infrastructure – identifying more than 500 needed repair projects including fixes to sinkholes, damaged pipes and concrete, and other issues that could hurt flood management.

Additionally, more than 1,400 areas have been reported where channels have eroded, 820 areas where bayou and creek slopes have been compromised, and more than 260 areas of silt buildup.

Ultimately, repairs could cost the county upwards of $100 million, as the Flood Control District works to restore the drainage system to pre-storm conditions – before a new flood threat arises.