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A Letter from the President of DRI

January 5, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

DRI President Chloe Demrovsky

DRI President Chloe Demrovsky

2017 was a tough year, testing your resolve, your plans, and your preparation. We know you’ve been busy. We celebrate you, our DRI Certified Professionals — the champions of preparedness and unsung heroes of recovery. Your stories through this difficult season have been an inspiration to us. You helped to ensure safe delivery of 100 Hurricane Harvey babies, installed tents for needy Americans in Puerto Rico, and revised protocols for responding to earthquakes in Mexico City. We’re honored to support you and work with you so that together, we can continue to make an impact and move our cause forward.

As I look back on this busy year, I’m proud of the work we do at DRI. For us, 2017 was a year of transitions. We transitioned our leadership team. We released the most comprehensive rewrite of The Professional Practices for Business Continuity Management in our history. As a result, we also comprehensively overhauled our certification training programs and exams. As if that wasn’t ambitious enough, we transitioned our database and website to better serve our students and Certified Professionals in a changing technology landscape. And while we may be headquartered in New York, we understand and fulfill our obligation to serve our worldwide community. That’s why we opened an office in London to better serve the European market, our fastest growing region. We are confident that this hard work was time well spent and will serve as the foundation on which DRI will continue to grow.

What’s next for DRI? Without a doubt, 2018 will be the year that we charge fearlessly forward – and it’s also the year DRI turns 30! At 30, DRI is in its prime and focused on growing the profession and expanding our reach. With 15,000+ certified professionals in over 100 countries and thousands of students taking our certification preparation courses each year, it is clear that a DRI credential holds value at the global level. Certification is the gateway to the profession and to a rewarding career that contributes to creating a more resilient world. In 2018, DRI will offer more innovative approaches to credential verification and ways to get the word out about your expertise. It’s our job to find new ways to add even more value to your certification and help you promote your place in this prestigious community.

But certification is just the beginning. While certification serves as the gateway, DRI is also your go-to resource for ongoing education and training. Our profession is ever-evolving. Artificial Intelligence is taking over white collar jobs and drones are delivering food. Cyber criminals and other actors are unlocking mobile devices remotely and leveraging the Internet of Things as a distributed botnet. The future looks bright for those professionals who can help ward off IT failure and cyber disruption.

In fact, our Future Vision Committee survey found that certified professionals’ top three concerns were the business consequences of major IT failures, cyberattacks, and inadequate investment in information security, and that they are also deeply concerned with privacy and data protection. Yet more than 50 percent of all respondents felt that they had no or very little involvement with managing cyber risk, suggesting that there may be a knowledge gap. That’s why it is essential that you maintain the currency of your knowledge by taking advantage of our short courses, workshops, and specialty tracks. We are here to help you chart the course of your career and open pathways that lead to the very highest levels at organizations.

DRI is so much more than a certifying body – we are a platform for sharing ideas, solutions, and innovation. In 2017, we published more white papers and studies than ever before. We also increased the frequency of our popular webinar program, even hosting our very first Spanish-language webinar. We encourage you to look out for opportunities to participate by attending our events whether online or in person. We hosted DRI conferences in China, the Philippines, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy, and held dozens of smaller events hosted by local committees in various countries. Additionally, our Young Leaders in Resilience Committee hosted quarterly peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing and networking events aimed at inspiring and recruiting the next generation.

The crown jewel of our outreach is our annual international conference – which is bucking the broader industry trend by continuing to grow every year. This event is the place where our committees come together to discuss unique challenges as a profession and brainstorm solutions. This is where you can join us to network with the leaders of the profession, get involved with the important work we do to create standards and best practices, and join our prestigious committees.

The annual conference is also where the DRI Foundation highlights the giving spirit of our DRI community. For the second straight year the mayor of the host conference city has conferred the honor of a “DRI Foundation Day Proclamation” to acknowledge our Volunteer Day held on the Saturday before each annual conference. We awarded two student scholarships to the children of Certified Professionals who demonstrated their in-depth interest in the issues of this field through thoughtful essays. Our Veterans Outreach Program created a program to award scholarships to qualified candidates transitioning from active duty through which they attend our training and become certified; dozens of scholarships have been awarded already. Our Women in BCM Committee published a landmark study about the state of gender representation in business continuity at the global level.

Through initiatives like these, we are privileged to showcase your stories of drive and commitment. It’s our mission to shine a spotlight on your accomplishments and help you excel as you meet the increasingly complex demands of your organizations. We are committed to giving you the tools — you make the impact. It is our hope that you will continue to be proud of your status as a DRI Certified Professional. We are certainly proud to serve you.

Chloe Demrovsky, CBCV
DRI International

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12th Floor
New York, NY 10010

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