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Hospital Patient Data Ransomed for $50,000

January 26, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Another recent ransomware attack on a hospital proves once again how important it is for healthcare systems to prioritize cybersecurity to keep its patient information safe.

Hancock Health in Greenfield, IN, was the target of a SamSam ransomware attack, which accessed its computers through an outside vendor’s account. It infected the system, locking out data and changing the names of more than 1,400 files to “I’m sorry.”

Though there was a potential workaround by restoring the hijacked data via back-up files, hospital officials feared it would take too long to return to full operation with patient care in possible jeopardy.

Instead, the hospital paid the ransomware demand of four bitcoins — aka, $50,000 — and the patient data was unlocked soon after.

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