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After a Cyber Attack, Should You Change Your Security Strategy?

March 9, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

One thing every company should be able to do after a cyber attack is learn from the experience and adapt for the future – but according to a recent report, about 46% of IT security professionals rarely change their security strategies after an attack!

The survey, conducted across seven countries, found a “security inertia” creeping into many organizations’ strategies:

  • 50% said their customers’ personal information could be at risk because their data is only secured at the legally required basic level
  • 46% said their organization can’t prevent attackers from breaking into internal networks every time, and
  • 36% said their admin credentials were stored in Microsoft Office documents on company computers.

There’s also an increasing danger in attackers gaining access via the growing rate of privileged accounts and credentials. But a full 49% of organizations said they have no related security strategies in place, generally deferring to their cloud vendors – though 38% think their cloud provider doesn’t offer enough protection, either!

Among those surveyed, a major part of changing perceptions and boosting security should come from the top: 86% said they believe security should be a regular board-level discussion topic.

Click here to read the full report.

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