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DRI Leadership Perspectives: Al Berman on Caribbean/Central American Policy

May 1, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

On March 15, 2018, DRI Foundation President Al Berman and other members of the Caribbean Central American Action organization met with members of the Vice President’s office to discuss issues that affected policy for Caribbean/Central American countries. The discussions centered on how countries in the region were vital to US interests in terms of maintaining economic partnerships that are vital to democratic, stable, and prosperous relationships.

“An understanding for the need to create a secure region against terrorism and illegal drugs involves close ties to the region,” said Berman. “In addition, there was a discussion concerning the difficulties in providing timely and effective aid during the destruction caused by the past hurricane season.”

“The DRI Foundation has worked with the country of Dominica to fund the reconstruction of primary education in the country after Hurricane Maria.”

This meeting was part of a continuing series of discussions held with ambassadors, congressional representatives and administrative staff to maintain an open dialogue between the US and their seventh largest trading partner represented by the Caribbean and Central American countries.

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