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Where is the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals?

May 16, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Every day there’s a new story about a data breach, ransomware, IoT hack, or some other cybersecurity headache, which means there’s no shortage of job opportunities. But though millennials are probably the most tech-savvy generation yet, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to jump on board.

In a recent survey of 524 millennials, only 9% said they’re interested in a cybersecurity career – though a 68% majority of them classify themselves as a technology innovator or early adopter. That’s a big problem for a profession that’s projected to reach 1.8 million unfulfilled roles by 2020.

The big problem appears to be word of mouth – only 17% said they knew someone that worked in the cybersecurity field, and 69% had never taken a class in school that focused on cybersecurity (65% said their school never offered courses, which doesn’t help matters). “Don’t know enough about this field/career path” was the reason most often selected by those who said they weren’t interested.

One bright spot for those in the field hoping to staff up in the future: young females found cybersecurity careers more exciting than males – 57% versus 40%.

It’s responses like these that have helped develop DRI’s various outreach committees, particularly the Young Leaders in Resilience and Women in Business Continuity Management, which are working to promote the field of resilience for the upcoming generation of professionals.

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