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Teddy Bear Sale Didn’t Plan for Massive Mobs

July 12, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Build-A-Bear Workshop probably thought it had a great idea on its hands with a “pay your age” promotion. But they clearly didn’t prepare for the resulting chaos, which had to be shut down over safety concerns!

Customers in the US, Canada and UK were offered a chance to buy any bear in their shops for the price of the child’s age. It’s a cute idea, but the response was beyond overwhelming – kids lined up for as long as eight hours for their discounted bears (which can run as much as $69 USD).

As the crowds got heavier, in some locations police were called in to police the massive numbers of bear-buyers. Ultimately, some stores had to close their stores, with Build-A-Bear tweeting out:

**Urgent Alert:
Per local authorities, we cannot accept additional Guests at our locations due to crowd safety concerns. We have closed lines in our stores. We understand some Guests are disappointed and we will reach out directly as soon as possible.

Needless to say, the turned away parents weren’t happy, venting their disappointment on social media. The company says it is “working to address the situation,” and will reach out to the parents who enrolled in the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club to access the Pay Your Age promo.

We imagine the email will start with “Sorry we put your lives at risk for a teddy bear…”

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