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New Bern: Almost Too Much to Bear

September 21, 2018 Leave a comment DRI Admin

When my mother retired a decade or so ago, she and her affable husband Henry bought a little house in little town that I’d never heard of — New Bern, North Carolina.

By now, you’ve all likely heard of New Bern, the town that Hurricane Florence clobbered. You’ve seen the pictures of the town’s bear statues — enormous structures that went swimming. My photos of those same statues mark my children’s growth, as summers spent in New Bern with Grandma and Grandpoppies always included lots of ice cream from the Cow Café and bear photo opps.

It’s a good thing that Florence waited until my little guy wasn’t little anymore. Next summer, he’ll be the muscle as my mom restores her meticulous gardens to their former garden club glory. Next to her grandchildren, that garden is all she talks about.

It’s also a good thing that I’ve spent the last 20+ years talking to all of you. Being a business continuity spectator for all this time, I’ve listened and learned from DRI’s teachings as well as lessons DRI Certified Professionals so generously share. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to give my mom good advice (sometimes she even takes it!).

Over the coming weeks, as the news crews start to leave New Bern, I’ll still be watching…watching over my mom and Henry and the town that his given my family so many memories. And maybe this time, I’ll be able to share some lessons learned with you…like how to better batten down your bear statutes. I’ll keep you posted.

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