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DRI’s Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report: Key Risks by Sector

January 10, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report provides a global perspective and comprehensive trends analysis of how resilience professionals view their industry and the external factors that are shaping it. Each sector has its own major risks and industry concerns – what tops your sector’s list?

The DRI Future Vision Committee analyzed probability and impact responses for each of the following sectors (those with the most significant response rate):

  • Business Services (including consultancy and audit)
  • Financial Services (including bank and insurance)
  • Government and Public
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

The top five issues per region were identified for both probability and impact. There were 11 issues that appeared in at least one PROBABILITY Top 5.



Result Highlights

There was reasonable agreement across sectors about the most likely disruptive events. These were technology interruptions (accidental or deliberate), severe data breaches, and extreme natural disasters. The only real differences were predictable. A global financial crash scored highly in the financial services sector, pandemics in healthcare and government, and serious supply chain disruption in healthcare.

Although there was general acceptance of the high impact caused by IT disruptions, data breaches, and extreme natural disasters, there was a much wider range of issues considered very important in specific sectors. The highest impact in financial services was loss of license by regulator, and this finished second in healthcare. In non-regulated sectors this was of little or no concern. In healthcare, the top impact was a serious supply chain disruption, whereas this scored quite low in all of the other sectors. CBRN attack was ranked in second position in government/public sector but did not feature very highly in any other sector.

Additional Resources

You can download the complete Fourth Annual Risk and Resilience Trends Report from the DRI Resource Library (log in with your free DRI account).

Hear more about this report – as well as predictions for 2019 – at the Future Vision Committee session at DRI2019 in Las Vegas Feb. 17-20.

As a globally recognized certification organization, DRI provides education and credentials for resilience professionals in many sectors, including:

  • Business Continuity
  • Business Continuity Audit
  • Healthcare Continuity
  • Risk Management Continuity
  • Public Sector Continuity, and
  • Cyber-Resilience.

Click here for our 2019 course list, or call 866-542-3744.

Our webinar series covers many of the major issues featured in the report. Recent presentations include:

  • GDPR
  • Cyber-Resilience
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Internet of Things
  • Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Response

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