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DRI’s Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report: Does Management Understand Resilience?

January 16, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report provides a global perspective and comprehensive trends analysis of how resilience professionals view their industry and the external factors that are shaping it. A big question for those professionals – does the organization really understand resilience?

The issue of poor crisis management experience is a major worry in business services and is in the top 50% of issues in most sectors. Although some regions and sectors have more confidence in their management than others, no sector or region seems entirely comfortable with the capability of senior management to handle a crisis effectively. This issue was examined in more detail with these questions:

  1. Do you believe your senior management fully understands your role as a resilience professional?
  2. Do you get adequate support from your senior management team?
  3. Do you think your organization is well-prepared to handle a crisis?

It was thought that regulated firms might be more aware of and engaged with the resilience process than non-regulated firms, so we looked at how regulated firms compared with the entire data set.

The Results

[Blue – Yes; Green – No; Purple – Not Sure]


Although the results in the regulated sector are slightly better than those across the full survey, there are still considerable concerns about how well-prepared their organizations are with only 46% of regulated firms perceived as being “well-prepared.” These results give some support to the concerns expressed in the main survey relating to senior management experience and capability with respect to crisis management.

Additional Resources

You can download the complete Fourth Annual Risk and Resilience Trends Report from the DRI Resource Library (log in with your free DRI account).

Hear more about this report – as well as predictions for 2019 – at the Future Vision Committee session at DRI2019 in Las Vegas Feb. 17-20.

The library also features a variety of downloadable presentations from speakers at our annual and regional conferences on communicating with executives and other departments and keys to gaining and maintaining buy-in.

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