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Survey: Brexit Beats Natural Disasters and Cyberattacks for Supply Chain Disruption

July 25, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Uncertainty over Brexit has gone on so long it has practically become part of the landscape for European BCM professionals. But a recent survey of UK business decision makers reveals that this ongoing uncertainty has had a troubling impact on the supply chain – worse than any natural disaster or cyberattack.

The June 2019 report, “The Future of Supply Chain,” surveyed 1,002 decision makers from companies with over 250 employees in the US and UK, 90% of which said they’d seen their supply chains disrupted at some point in the last five years. Among them, 50% of UK companies said Brexit uncertainty had negatively impacted their supply chain during that period, making them wary of expanding into new markets (18% of US companies said they were feeling the effects as well).

At the same time, despite the fact that both extreme weather events and severe cyberattacks have been on the rise over that same period, only 27% said their supply chain had suffered due to a natural disaster, and 23% from a cyberattack.

While those polled are experiencing anxiety due to Brexit, disasters, cyberattacks and other issues, it’s not clear this concern is making its way to the top. 46% said their leadership doesn’t appreciate the potential impact a natural disaster could have on their supply chain, and 47% said the same about leadership and cyberattacks.

The lack of awareness at the top doesn’t mirror the impacts at the customer level, though. 19% said the ramifications of a supply chain failure would be felt by their customer base within a day, while 46% believed it would could take as long as a month.

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