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DRI BJ2019 Conference Coming to Beijing Oct. 24

August 28, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI BJ2019 Asia Conference is an annual business continuity management event hosted by DRI’s affiliates in various countries in Asia. The mission of the conferences is to provide a platform for professionals of business continuity management (BCM) development and practice in Asia to exchange thoughts and ideas, and share experiences. This DRI BJ2019 Asia Conference is a returning conference following DRI BJ2015 and DRI BJ2017 Asia Conferences in China and will feature notable speaker Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of DRI International.

At present, the world economy is slowing down, protectionism and unilateralism are intensifying, instability and uncertainty are increasing, and external risks at the national level and in all walks of life are rising. After experiencing long-term high-speed growth and the transformation of the international economic situation, China’s economic development has entered an adjustment period, and the prevention and mitigation of risks have become the consensus of all industries, including many national regulatory authorities.

The possible ‘black swan’ event is not out of our radar yet, and the ‘grey rhinoceros’ risk is on the horizon. How can enterprises build their own business continuity management system to effectively cope with the threat brought by the ‘black swan’ incident, and at the same time prevent the ‘grey rhinoceros’ from happening? The above consideration has become a top priority for corporate leadership. This DRI regional conference is timely and provides the perfect opportunity for business continuity management professionals from all industries in China to learn from international colleagues’ experiences, as well as exchange their own experiences in China, and find a suitable way for China’s business continuity management development for its economic and social needs.

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