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Should CEOs Take Aim at Controversies Like Gun Control? – Chloe Demrovsky for Forbes

September 16, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

“Last week, 145 CEOs signed a statement urging the Senate to act on gun violence. Many of these companies have nothing to do with the sale of guns and normally would not engage in this controversy. It’s a bold and risky move for leaders who are traditionally taught to stay neutral, remain within their core competency, and stay focused on profits. So, why are they doing this? Clearly, these CEOs feel they have to take a stand, have weighed the potential business impact and are trying to be proactive. It is too soon to see whether their gamble will be good or bad for business, but it is undoubtedly a high-risk bet.”

For Forbes Magazine, DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky considers a complicated subject: should business leaders comment on hot-button issues like gun control? Click here to read more.

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