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Congratulations to All the Award Winners at DRI BJ2019!

December 8, 2019 Leave a comment DRI Admin

The DRI BJ2019 Conference, held Oct. 24-25 in Beijing, was a resounding success, bringing together business continuity management professionals throughout Asia and providing a platform for them to exchange ideas and share experiences. It was also a forum to spotlight the best and brightest in the region with the presentation of the DRI Awards of Excellence.

“It was such an honor to open the proceedings at DRIBJ2019. Since its inception, I look forward to hosting this event every two years alongside the brilliant team at DRI China,” Said DRI President and CEO Chloe Demrovsky. “I also want to congratulate the Award of Excellence winners as well as the first cohort of MBCPs from China on their professional achievements and contributions to the profession. Mark your calendars for 2021 so you won’t miss this exceptional event.”

“This regional conference offers the perfect opportunity for business continuity management professionals from all industries in China to exchange their own experiences and find a suitable way for China’s business continuity management development to address its economic and social needs,” said Gari Liu, MBCP, and CEO of DRI China. “The DRI Award of Excellence is an honor of world-class professional recognition.”

The 2019 Award of Excellence Winners

Individual Awards

  • BC/DR Consultant of the Year – Li YiQin, Dell Tech, Consulting Services
  • Best CBCP of the Year – Haung, Haifeng, HuaRong Tai Tech (Beijing) Ltd.
  • BC/DR Program Pleader of the Year – Zhou, Bing, Information Tech Center of China Offshore Oil Group Ltd.
  • Industry BC/DR Newcomer of the Year – Li, Ke, Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperative Union

Group Awards

  • BCM Innovation Practice Award – Rural Credit Yinyun Disaster Recovery Center
  • BC/DR Solution Award – Dell Tech Group
  • BCM Practice Organization of the Year – Huishang Bank Co., Ltd / Guangdong Runlian Information Technology Co., Ltd
  • BC Technology Innovation of the Year – Shenzhen Yishicheng Technology Co., Ltd.
  • BC/DR Planning Tool of the Year – Beijing Tongchuang Yongyi Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • BCM Awareness Award – Guangfa Bank Credit Card Center
  • BC Service Provider of the Year – XinHuaShan Group / Hua Rtual Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • BC Strategy of the Year – Jiangsu Rural Credit Cooperative Union
  • IT-DR Infrastructure Award – Ningxia Xiyun Data Technology Co., Ltd. / Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperative Union
  • BC/DR Planning Team of the Year – Henan Rural Credit Cooperative Union
  • Response and Recovery of the Year – Nanjing YiJinZhi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • BC/DR Consulting Service Team of the Year – PWC Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • DR Service Provider of the Year – Dell Technology Group Consulting Services / Beijing Tongchuang Yongyi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

For more information, click here to read the opening keynote address, and here for more photos from the event.

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