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As Facilities Close to Reduce COVID-19 Spread, New Risks Emerge

April 16, 2020 Leave a comment DRI Admin

Organizations are acting responsibly to protect employees and slow the spread of COVID-19. But as a consequence, these now-idle facilities may be facing new and upcoming risks they may not have prepared for.

A recent report by commercial property insurer FM Global points to a series of problems facing offices, plants and warehouses in the coming weeks and months, including vandalism and theft, flood season, and hurricane season in the US., along with the continuing threat of earthquakes and tornadoes. All of these could result in damage to revenues, market share, and reputation.

There are a few areas organizations can focus on to protect against preventable losses:

  • Essential personnel – Reach out to local authorities to explain the essential nature of maintenance workers on-site
  • Active security – Maintain security staff to perform daily rounds, on the lookout for criminal activity and property damage; webcams and sensors can also be used to detect motion, heat and water flow
  • Fire protection – Ensure sprinkler valves are locked open, remove debris and ignitable liquids, and alert the fire department of any changes to building use
  • Flood protection – Elevate equipment and set up flood barriers to protect against rising sea levels
  • Maintenance – Take the time now to perform overdue maintenance and repairs that could otherwise delay reopening the facility.

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