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Pandemic Lesson: Supply Chain Resilience Needs More Attention

February 5, 2021 Leave a comment DRI Admin

After a year of dealing with the manufacturing fallout from COVID-19, many organizations are going into 2021 with a new priority – rethinking and strengthening their supply chain strategies.

According to a recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute surveying 1,000 supply chain executives, 66% of organizations have said their supply chain strategy will need to change significantly to adapt to the new normal, and only 14% expect a return to pre-pandemic operations.

Organizations across multiple sectors including retail, manufacturing, and life scientists pointed to the value of flexibility and agility in their supply chains, in order to react quickly to a potential disruption, as they learned the hard way during the pandemic. Challenges highlighted include:

  • Shortages of critical parts/materials – 74%
  • Delayed shipments and longer lead times – 74%
  • Difficulties adjusting production capacity due to fluctuating demand – 68%, and
  • Difficulties planning in response to volatile levels of customer demand – 68%.

To rebuild and revitalize their supply chains, a full 77% of organizations said they’re accelerating their investments in supply chain sustainability (particularly logistics and manufacturing) over the next three years.

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