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Texas Snowstorm Update: Supply Chain Nightmares for Companies and Residents

February 18, 2021 Leave a comment DRI Admin

With roads still covered in snow and ice and hundreds of thousands still without power after surprise snowfall that rocked the state, supply chains are severely delayed and Texans’ resources are quickly dwindling.

For supply lines, the state’s shutdown is impacting everything from trucks to trains to planes, which will have a knock-on effect for the rest of the east coast up through New England. U.S. and state highways are slowly re-opening, but the delays are already being felt.

In other transportation areas, both Abeline Regional Airport in Texas and Jackson International Airport in Mississippi are only reopening days after closing, and the widespread power outages across the south have created cascading issues, from Union Pacific Railroad’s operations to water fuel supplies, as well as the road closures’ affecting crew transportation. Ports have also remained closed due to weather conditions and lack of power/water.

As a major agriculture supplier, the weather disruption has hit Texas so hard that the state’s agricultural commissioner is asking Governor Greg Abbott to name food production and processing facilities as “critical infrastructure” in its aid efforts.

Cattle herds and poultry flocks have been devastated by lack of feed supplies, while food processing plant shutdowns have led to supplies being discarded before they can reach retailers. State citrus and vegetable crops have also been wiped out from the freezing conditions.

All these supply chain breakages have reached Texas citizens, who are struggling with lack of food and basic needs in stores their own stocks run low. With many supermarkets shuttered for lack of power, those that remain open have seen supplies dwindle, shortages that ripple over to food pantries that count on grocery store surplus to keep their own shelves stocked.

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