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Is Cybersecurity Taking a Back Seat For Younger Staffers?

September 16, 2021 Leave a comment DRI Admin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, priorities have certainly shifted for many companies. But in the effort to ensure business continuity is secure, has IT threat protection been left behind?

HP Wolf’s security report is based on an online survey of 8,443 office workers worldwide who shifted to telework positions during the pandemic, as well as 1,100 IT decision-makers. Among the responses:

  • 76% of IT teams say security was secondary to business continuity during the pandemic, and
  • 83% of IT teams believe the increase in home workers has created a “ticking time bomb” for a cyber breach.

Within the survey, the rejection of cybersecurity has been drawn among generational lines. Among younger office workers aged 18-24:

  • 48% viewed security tools as a hindrance; in fact, 31% said they tried to bypass corporate security policies to get work done
  • 54%% said they were more worried about meeting deadlines than exposing their organization to a data breach, and
  • 39% were unclear about the details of their company’s cybersecurity policies.

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