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DRI2022: An Important Update From Al Berman

November 10, 2021 Leave a comment DRI Admin

After months of soul searching, discussions, and after an extensive in-person site visit to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last week, DRI is pleased to announce that there will be a live DRI2022 conference. The conference will take place February 13-16, 2022. Planet Hollywood – and Las Vegas, itself – is taking sanitary and individual masking preventive measures to reduce infectious risks. And now with therapeutic drugs reaching final testing to reduce the effects of those who have contracted COVID-19 – adding to the preventative measures provided by vaccines – we feel that the end is in sight, and a return to networking, in-person exchange of ideas is important in sharing information that will help us face the future.

The “new normal” is becoming the “new abnormal.” A world in which we face supply chain issues not seen since the beginning of the pandemic is inhibiting production of essential products and services. An environment facing the wrath of mother nature and the cunning of cyber intruders. A world in which political and social unrest bring about new challenges for public and private entities. A world that needs the best from our profession. And that best can only arise from the dialogue, debate, and the open exchange that is the essence of in-person meetings.

There is also symmetry in DRI holding the first post-pandemic live conference of professionals in our field. After all, DRI2020, in Savannah, GA, was the last in-person conference, after which all conferences were either suspended or went to video mode. So, it is only fitting that DRI break the moratorium by bringing professionals together again to discuss the issues that we will be facing as we return to a different environment beset with new issues.

We recognize the uncertainty and risk associated with our decision. We want to make your decision as easy as possible and remove some of the issues about which you may be concerned. If you register for DRI2022 and either a personal decision or an edict from your employer makes you opt not to attend:  DRI WILL REFUND YOUR REGISTRATION FEE or roll over your registration to DRI2023, in Austin TX, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It is as simple as that. Your choice, your option.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 13 (Volunteer Day is set for Saturday, February 12). But regardless of your decision, I want to express our gratitude to all of you for the extraordinary effort and dedication during this time of extreme crisis.

Thank You,

Al Berman
Chairman of the Board – DRI International
President – DRI Foundation


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